By Elmer Beauregard

MPR this morning did a story on the record number of injured eagles in Minnesota which is a problem but they aren't sure how they're getting injured. They mention that it could be summer storms or urban hazards, whatever that is, I was surprised they didn't blame Global Warming. But they seem to overlook the most obvious thing which is killing eagles all over the country, wind turbines.


Minnesota has a lot of eagles, an estimated 1,000 nesting pairs but we also have a lot of windmills. Minnesota has 2,156 wind turbines, we are ranked 6th in the country. That's over 2 wind turbines per eagle and we are adding more all the time.

I wonder if MPR looked into this angle at all, maybe that's what they are referring to when they say "urban hazards". If there was a connection to wind farms I wonder if it was edited out of the story because its not politically correct to blame wind turbines on bird deaths. It's OK to talk about bird deaths when it involves DDT, Sports Stadiums and Oil Slicks but not Wind Turbines because wind energy is saving us from Global Warming.