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Elmer Beaureguard Al Gore, the self-appointed controller of the world’s climate, on Wednesday called for a “Marshall plan” to address climate change and told President George W. Bush to make mandatory cuts in carbon dioxide emissions. “THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!,” Mr Gore screamed at the opening session of the Clinton Global Initiative. He then layed […]

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If Humans Are a Virus, Then What Is the End Game?

Global warming cult fronts as camouflage for depopulation agenda Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet If humans are a virus upon the earth, as we are increasingly being told to believe by cultural and academic kingpins, then what else can the end game be other than a deliberately coordinated policy of mass population reduction? From the […]

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Common Biofuels Produce More Greenhouse Gas Than Oil

Lewis Smith, London Times A renewable energy source designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is contributing more to global warming than fossil fuels, a study suggests. Measurements of emissions from the burning of biofuels derived from rapeseed and maize have been found to produce more greenhouse gas emissions than they save. (more…)

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