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Teenage Skeptic Takes on Climate Scientists

by David Kestenbaum, Morning Edition, April 15, 2008 · If you’re a scientist trying to convince people they are making the world warmer, Kristen Byrnes is your worst nightmare. She’s articulate, intelligent, she has a Web site, and one day her people will be running the world. Her people, meaning 16-year-olds. Kristen’s Web site, […]

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Al Gore PR Campaign Targeted by CEI TV Ad

by Richard Morrison, Counter to Gore’s $300M Global Warming Alarmism Project The Competitive Enterprise Institute is re-launching a national advertising campaign on the threat to affordable energy posed by Al Gore’s global warming agenda. The ad, which begins airing April 4, responds to the ads produced by Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, which start […]

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Climate Change Strikes Minnesota

By Elmer Beureguard It’s April 26th and Minnesota is getting pelted with yet another late spring snow storm. Some places getting over a foot of snow, Pelican Rapids got 18″ and its still snowing. So get yourself off that lawn chair, turn it back into a snow shovel and get to it. This of course […]

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Start Your Engines!

FOX News Sunspot activity has not resumed up after hitting an 11-year low in March last year, raising fears that — far from warming — the globe is about to return to an Ice Age, says an Australian-American scientist. Physicist Phil Chapman, the first native-born Australian to become an astronaut with NASA [he became an […]

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Food For Thought

Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger (NaturalNews) It was one of the dumbest “green” ideas ever proposed: Convert millions of acres of cropland into fields for growing ethanol from corn, then burn fossil fuels to harvest the ethanol, expending more energy to extract the fuel than you get from the fuel itself! Meanwhile, sit […]

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Happy Smurf Day!

By Elmer Beauregurad Well it’s “Earth Day” and everything is “Green” today, so much so that I want to throw up. So I am going “Blue” instead just to remind people that “nothing would be green without CO2″ and we all emit CO2 when we breath, and if we were to stop emititng CO2 we […]

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The false religion of global warming

By Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily hysteria – a psychiatric condition variously characterized by emotional excitability, excessive anxiety, sensory and motor disturbances, or the unconscious simulation of organic disorders, such as blindness, deafness, etc. That’s how my dictionary defines hysteria. It’s a good definition – especially insofar as the way I use the word to characterize the […]

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When Will The Ice Go Out On Minnetonka?

By Elmer Beauregurad It’s April 20th and the ice it not out yet on Lake Minnetonka. The last time the ice was on the lake this late was 1996, that was the year that it got down to -60º below zero in Tower Minnesota. It seems like the Global Warming crowd is having a hard […]

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Global Warming Big Topic at Tax Cut Rally

Elmer Beaureguard Over 3,000 people braved the bitter temperatures and snow to go to Jason Lewis’ Tax Cut Rally at the Minnesota State Capital last Saturday. They came to protest all of the taxes being levied on Minnesotans. Ironically many of the proposed taxes have to do with “Global Warming”. (more…)

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Central Plank Of Global Warming Alarmism Discredited

Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet Inspiration for Al Gore’s movie cover, contention that global warming causes intense hurricanes, discredited by professor who first proposed it. One of the central philosophies of climate change alarmism and an image that adorned the cover of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – the contention that global warming causes deadly […]

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Global Warming Panel Makes Recommendations

By Dennis Lien, Pioneer Press Critics say global warming panel recommendations could increase energy costs, job losses. Recent recommendations from Minnesota’s global-warming advisory group are unrealistic and too expensive, a collection of lawmakers and business interests charged today. “Essentially, their proposal is a fantasy,” said David Strom, president of the Minnesota Free Market Institute, one […]

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Why Do They Measure CO2 From A Volcano?

By Elmer Beaureguard We’ve all seen the now famous chart of the increasing CO2, but did you know that it comes from a volcanic mountain in Hawaii called Mauna Loa? If you’ve watched “The Great Global Warming Swindle” you know that CO2 for the most part is a natural occurrence. By far the largest conrtibutor […]

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