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British Kids Encouraged To Become “Climate Cops”

Steve Watson, Full page adverts in weekend newspapers ask kids to rat on their friends and family in order to prevent “climate crimes” A leading British energy company blitzed the newspapers with full page colour advertisements this weekend which encourage children to sign up as “climate cops” and keep “climate crime case files” on […]

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Who said it doesn’t snow in Sydney?

While we are experiencing “Global Warming” or “Summer” as some like to call it, Other ports of the world aren’t so lucky. It has snowed in Queensland, and it will pay to rug up because even colder weather is expected tomorrow. Snow, sleet, wind and rain ripped through the state’s Granite Belt and southern Darling […]

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Why Democrats don’t want to lower gas prices

WorldNetDaily Senator lets cat out of the bag on Bloomberg TV show WASHINGTON – A Democratic senator on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee inadvertently explained why her colleagues have no intention of ending the moratorium on offshore oil drilling or increasing the areas open for exploration and production – no matter how popular the […]

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Bachmann Calls For More U.S. Oil Drilling

By PATRICK CONDON , Associated Press Just back from a congressional tour of energy sites in Colorado and Alaska, U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann said Tuesday that the United States must tap its energy reserves and that only Congress is standing in the way of making a dent in rising fuel costs. On a conference call […]

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I’m Tired Of Being Minnesota Nice

A new study from the University of Minnesota says if we are going to meet our CO2 reduction goals we need to do something different. I hope they didn’t spend a lot of our tax dollars for this study, because I could have come up with that. Lets see, in order to emit less CO2 […]

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Top Rocket Scientist: No Evidence CO2 Causes Global Warming

Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet The campaign to force people to accept that “the debate is over” and that man-made CO2 emissions are driving climate change is in deep trouble, with another top global warming advocate – rocket scientist and carbon accounting expert Dr. Richard Evans – completely reversing his position. Evans was a consultant […]

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No Smoking Hot Spot

David Evans, The Australian I DEVOTED six years to carbon accounting, building models for the Australian Greenhouse Office. I am the rocket scientist who wrote the carbon accounting model (FullCAM) that measures Australia’s compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, in the land use change and forestry sector. (more…)

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American physicists warned not to debate global warming

By Andrew Orlowski, The Register Bureaucrats at the American Physical Society (APS) have issued a curious warning to their members about an article in one of their own publications. Don’t read this, they say – we don’t agree with it. But what is it about the piece that is so terrible, that like Medusa, it […]

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Some finding Gore’s timing inconvenient

By Alexander Bolton, The Hill Al Gore hopes to put global warming back at the top of Washington’s agenda Thursday, but some Democrats in Congress are questioning his timing when they are getting pummeled by Republicans over record gas prices. Gore hopes to deliver a major speech on the environment at Constitution Hall in Washington […]

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The (Annotated) Gore Energy Speech

By Andrew C. Revkin, Dot Earth Former Vice President Al Gore gave a speech in Washington laying out his new approach to the entwined challenges of limiting risks from global warming and instability from rising energy prices and declining supplies of fossil fuels. He calls for the United States to produce all electricity from “carbon-free […]

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A New Kind of Butterfly Effect

By Elmer Beaureguard Can A Cow Farting In North Dakota Give a Guy In Alalbama a Kidney Stone? Two New Global Warming Studies came out recently that say just that, and no this is not an Onion article. A new study was released yesterday that says Global Warming will cause a 30 percent increase in […]

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Bush lifts ban on offshore drilling

Let’s Get This Party Started Washington (PTI): US President George W Bush has lifted an executive ban on offshore drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and criticised the Congressional Democrats for not following any of his proposals in this regard. Bush criticised the Congress for failing to lift its own ban on offshore drilling […]

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Announcing Our Carbon Debit Program

Are you tired of all the Carbon Offset Programs? Just when you thought things were getting pretty nice around here in Minnesota, we went right back into the deep freeze last winter, thanks to all those blasted carbon offset companies. Well Now you can do something about it! Join our Minnesotans For Global Warming “Carbon […]

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India Issues Report Challenging Global Warming Fears

By Marc Morano, India Vows Not To Reduce Emissions The Washington Post reported on July 9 that India was “balking” at the U.S approach to addressing CO2 emissions. India joined four other nations to call for “much steeper reductions” for developed nations. Fact: India issued its National Action Plan on Climate Change in June […]

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Is Hollywood Trying To Tell Us Something?

By Elmer Beuregard It seems like lately every movie coming out of Hollywood these days is about how bad mankind is for the planet. Even Pixar is getting in the act with “Wall-E” which is suppoded to be a kid’s movie. I’m glad I grew up during the politically incorrect 60s, with the likes of […]

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