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McCaine Pick V.P.

McCaine’s picking Sarah Palin for V.P. reminds me of the scene in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd trades their van for a mini bike and Harry says: “You know Lloyd, just when I think you couldn’t be possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…AN TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF! Maybe now we can […]

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New Report Calls into Question ‘Man-Made’ Climate Change

By Kevin Mooney, ( – New scientific evidence suggests there is a stronger link between solar activity and climate trends on Earth than there is with greenhouse gases, Fred Singer, an atmospheric and space physicist, told The new data call into question whether scientific evidence shows that global warming is a man-made phenomenon […]

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Republicans Drink Global Warming Kool Aid

By Elmer Beuaregard The newly updated Republican platform addresses Global Warming. Previously it was skeptical of the science behind it, now it has softened it’s stance. The platform states: “By increasing our American energy supply and decreasing the long-term demand for oil, we will be well positioned to address the challenge of global warming …” […]

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Could this winter’s weather add to economic woes?

Farmers’ Almanac As homeowners across the country pray for a mild winter to offset rising energy costs, the world-famous Farmers’ Almanac is warning us to prepare for the worst. “Numb’s the word!” is how the 192-year-old publication is predicting the upcoming winter season. For 2008–2009, the Farmers’ Almanac is forecasting a “numbing” winter, with below-average […]

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2008 Coolest For At Least Five Years

Man-made climate change advocates scramble to explain away failure of global warming to appear as ordered Paul Joseph Watson. Prison Planet Man-made global warming advocates are scrambling to explain away the fact that 2008 has so far been the coolest year in five years, as climate change alarmists face embarrassment amidst a barrage of evidence […]

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Arctic Ice Grows 30 Per Cent In a Year

Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet Predictions of “ice free” summer for first time in history completely debunked Blue pixels represent increased ice coverage over the North Pole in the year since August 2007. Alarmist scientists who predicted that the North Pole could be “ice free” this summer as a result of global warming have been […]

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Arch Collapses – Was It ‘Tectonic Implosion’?

Iconic Arch collapses at Arches National Park in Utah, IPTI scienist thinks it might be related to “Tectonic Implosion” ARCHES NATIONAL PARK, Utah – One of the largest and most photographed arches in Arches National Park has collapsed. Paul Henderson, the park’s chief of interpretation, said Wall Arch collapsed sometime late Monday or early Tuesday. […]

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Move Over Global Warming, Here Comes ‘Tectonic Implosion’

The International Panel on Tectonic Implosion Releases New Study A new study done by the newly created International Panel on Tectonic Implosion (IPTI) reports that there could be a correlation between oil pumped out of the earth and increased seismic activity. It’s called ‘Tectonic Implosion’ and it could be responsible for the recent earthquakes in […]

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This Is Just A Test!

By Elmer Beauregard Back in 1938 when Orson Welles did his now infamous “War Of The Worlds”, he started his program with a disclaimer saying that it is all fiction. That’s what this blog entry is. You see, I think that there is a consensus building on the whole “Global Warming” thing but it’s against […]

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Save The Planet? How About Saving The Republic?

By Chuck Baldwin Yesterday, the Politico quoted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as saying, “I’m trying to save the planet; I’m trying to save the planet.” She was responding, of course, to pressure that she and her fellow Democrats are experiencing to suspend a congressional ban on offshore oil drilling in the face of skyrocketing energy […]

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