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The Magical Misery Tour State legislators have concluded their 24-city “Misery Tour”, otherwise known as “listening sessions.” The series of town hall-style meetings were promoted as opportunities for citizens to provide their input and ideas on Minnesota’s projected $6-7 billion budget deficit. (more…)

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Global Warming Experiment for $36.31

By Elmer Beauregard When I did this experiment on Feb. 1 the stimulus package included $400 million for Global Warming research. Now that number is up to $2.8 Billion. I think the money only goes to people who are trying to prove Global Warming however, not disprove it like my experiment did. (more…)

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Obama’s $300 billion-a-year climate-change plan

WorldNetDaily WASHINGTON – Barack Obama plans to include in his 2010 budget the introduction of a massive energy cap-and-trade system designed to raise $300 billion a year for the federal government in a bid to get industry to curtail emissions of so-called “greenhouse gases.” The plan would force companies to buy permits from the government […]

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EPA to Rule on Global-Warming Risk

By Dina Cappiello, Associated Press Washington (AP) – For Lisa Jackson, the new EPA administrator, the next step for the agency when it comes to climate change will be decided by a single question: Do heat-trapping gases pose a risk? In an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, Jackson said she was closer to having […]

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Only 20 percent of IPCC have had “some dealing” with climate This is a bit disturbing, though in retrospect, not surprising. One of our local IPCC wonks at Chico State University, Jeff Price, is a biologist, but lectures me about climate all the same. – Anthony by Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies Watch I had intended to return to this point when I originally posted about […]

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Sign Up For Global Cooling vs. Global Warming

The Deadline To Sign Up Is This Friday I just signed up now there are only 20 people signed up out of a possible 100. On Wednesday Feb. 18, two films will be shown back-to-back, each representing a different point of view. First Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” will be shown, which shows the Global […]

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We’re A Hit, Kinda

By Elmer Beauregard Yesterday, I uploaded to youTube our newest parody “Two Below Honey” and it really took off. It got over 7,000 views in one day a lot blogs were blogging on it, radio shows like Quinn & Rose, Steve Malsberg in New York played it, it was going to be our greatest hit. […]

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Exile productions silences global warming critic

by William Wallace, Coincidence Theories Not surprisingly, Van Morrison/Exile production has silenced a global warming critic-at least for the time being. Yesterday, Minnesotans for Global Warming (M4GW) released two below honey, a parody of the Van Morrison song Tupelo Honey, on youtube.(Wallace 2009) It quickly garnered thousands of views. But within 1 day of uploading […]

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New In Town – A Must See…

Even If Your Not From Minnesota A Review By Elmer Beauregard I went to see the new movie “New In Town” that takes place in New Ulm Minnesota starring RenĂ©e Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr. last night. The theater was packed and the audience seemed to love it, they laughed they cried. (more…)

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