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Thomas Friedman speaks about crowded planet

Thomas Friedman speaks about crowded planet

When I heard this on the radio I thought I had turned into a religious station, cause it sounds just like a Sunday morning sermon. I posted it to show that for some people Global Warming is a religion. Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist and author of "Hot, Flat and Crowded." (Nancy Ostertag/Getty Images […]

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Sadly, The House Passes the 1,200-page Climate Bill that Congress was Not Allowed to Read

DarthDubious’s blog Despite heated objections by some Republicans, the unread 1,200-page Waxman-Markey climate bill was passed 219-212 in the House on Friday. During Boehner’s brief attempt at filibuster, he reads passages related to the usage of “qualified youth corps” to regulate energy efficiency in regards to “the sustainability of low-end income communities.” “I wonder if […]

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Are they going after Oxygen next?

By Elmer Beauregard After successfully taxing CO2 and deeming it a pollutant, what’s next for Al Gore and his chronies? I’m afraid they might go after the other life giving gas… Oxygen. Yesterday, Cap and Trade Legislation narrowly passed the House and I assume will sail through the Senate (unless they get struck by a […]

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Cap and trade will not save the earth

Dan Spencer, The Examiner A focus group tells Ben Lieberman, the Heritage Foundation’s Senior Policy Analyst for Energy and Environment, what they think about global warming and cap and trade. Lieberman points out some key misconceptions that might change their minds about this new energy tax. Watch the video: (more…)

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The Not-Quite-Green Toyota Prius

Washington Post, Letters to the Editor The June 9 Business article “Toyota Wants New Prius to Be America’s Next Top Model” called the Prius an “eco-icon” and said that it has allowed Americans to “advertise their eco-correctness.” A Toyota spokesman was quoted as saying that many Prius buyers want to “make an environmental statement.” The […]

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Polar Bears are not dying out, say scientists in book on popular ‘scare stories’

By Chris Irvine, Telegraph Polar bears are not dying out and Turkey Twizzlers are fine, according to a new book from scientists wishing to challenge science “scare stories” Contrary to widely held belief, polar bear populations are rising, according to the scientists It is widely thought that the polar ice caps will melt, causing sea […]

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The Green Nazis: Environmentalism in the Third Reich

Thanks For All The Hits Rush! Jurriaan Maessen, Infowars The Nazis created nature preserves, championed sustainable forestry, curbed air pollution, and designed the autobahn highway network as a way of bringing Germans closer to nature. It has been elaborately pointed out how the device of environmentalism is especially favoured by tyrants as a means of […]

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Report Says We Are 7º Warmer – Scientist Disagrees

Climate Depot Atmospheric Scientist Dr. Chris Walcek, a professor at the University at Albany in NY and a Senior Research Associate at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center is joining many other scientists in critiquing President Obama’s new global warming report. Dr. Walcek: The authors of the latest US climate change report would make Pravda editors […]

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Obama targets US public with call for climate action

Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian Climate impacts report warns of flooding, heat waves, drought and loss of wildlife that will occur if Americans fail to act on global warming The Obama administration is poised for its most forceful confrontation with the American public on the sweeping and life-altering consequences of a failure to act on global warming […]

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Many forecasters have one word for this summer: COOL

By BILL McAULIFFE, Star Tribune “A year without summer” – that’s how one forecaster is looking at the next 2 1/2 months in Minnesota. But there isn’t consensus. Summer’s coming. Grab a sweater. Sunday and Monday may be in the 80s, but some forecasters say don’t be fooled. Across Minnesota and the Dakotas, temperatures could […]

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Time to crack down on oil speculators The investment banks taking bailout money from the federal government — such as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase — are the ones that are actively manipulating the energy markets to doubly rip off the American people. Last year, financial speculators caused massive swings in oil prices. In the 12-month period that ended […]

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Crops under stress as temperatures fall

By Christopher Booker, Our politicians haven’t noticed that the problem may be that the world is not warming but cooling, observes Christopher Booker. Waterworld: Floodwater surrounding a farm near Fargo, North Dakota, in March 2009 Photo: Reuters For the second time in little over a year, it looks as though the world may be […]

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Have We Already Reached Peak Wind?

By Elmer Beauregard Like Don Quixote before them, people who chase windmills are destined for ruin. A new study says that Global Warming is causing the wind to slow down, and it has been slowing down since the 70’s. Which is bad news for the wind industry because a 10% loss in wind speed turns […]

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Twin Cities Goes Through Historic Cool Snap

You know if we just finished 3 days of above normal temperatures, they’d be crying “The Globe Warming!” from the rooftops. Yet when the opposite happens they just report it as the weather. WCCO The State Climatology Office says the temperatures in St. Paul and Minneapolis stayed below for 60 for three straight days. That […]

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Behind the Cap-and-Trade Curtain

By Max Schulz, National Review The secret economics of the Democrats’ environmental plan. Proponents of a cap-and-trade program to combat global warming face an uphill fight. For all their attempts to spin it as a solely environmental issue about saving the planet from extinction, the reality is that it’s a political question that ultimately comes […]

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