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August 2009

Brett Favre is a Viking Song!

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I know this has nothing to do with Global Warming, but it has everything to do with Minnesota. Our state is abuzz with the news, so I made a Brett Favre song to the tune of Donavon’s “There is a Mountain”. Now available for download!

Cap and Trade May Have to Wait Until Next Year

By Chris Morrison, With each passing day, cap and trade legislation in the United States looks more likely to become a bystander casualty of the political fight over healthcare reform. The country’s voter base has become agitated, feeling that too much change is happening at once. Democrats whose offices …

If global warming equals more storms, where are they?

Metro International The now iconic image of murky dust rising from a smokestack in the shape of a hurricane on the cover of Al Gore’s global warming documentary draws a distinct correlation between rising temperatures and stronger storm patterns. But here’s an inconvenient truth: This year’s hurricane season has gotten …

The Problem With Ice Cores

You should never assume anything, especially if you’re a scientist. Kent Hovind shoots holes in the idea that ice rings are an annual occurrence. Just because tree rings are annual doesn’t mean that ice core rings are.

Climate and Energy Symposium on August 19!

M4GW will have a table there and Chciken Little Too. Join the Minnesota Free Market Institute as we host Dr. Fred Singer, Distinguished Research Professor at George Mason University on the subject of climate “realism.” The talk will be followed by breakout sessions with presentations on Climatology, Energy, Cap and …

Year Without a Summer Continues

July was coldest on record for International Falls FOX 21 Online - ‎Aug 1, 2009‎ Last month was the coldest july on record in International Falls, according to the National Weather Service. The average temperature for the month was 58.8 … Average July temperature in Chicago: 69.4° Chicago Sun-Times - ‎Jul 31, …