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Pat Anderson on the Next Generation Energy Act

By Pat Anderson Minnesota’s own job-killing energy legislation imposes higher energy prices on Minnesotans In 2007 with the blessing of Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty and Democratic leadership and some bi-partisan support in the House and Senate, the Legislature passed the “Next Generation Energy Act” with fanfare about it being a bold investment in renewable power […]

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187 Ton Windmill Collapsed In New York

By John Mariani, The Post-Standard Two men look at the damage done to a windmill on Buyea Road in Fenner today, after it had toppled in the middle of the night. No one was injured, and nothing other than the windmill itself was damaged. Fenner, NY — Marvin DeKing already was up and awake between […]

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Get the U.N. Out of the Climate Business

By Kenneth P. Green, Wall Street Journal In the aftermath of the Copenhagen Climate conference, it is clear that the United Nations-driven process is a bust, and that any similar process requiring economic suicide and massive wealth transfers will go nowhere. It is long since time to drop this charade, take the question of climate […]

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Copenhagen Summit Ends in Dismal Failure

By Elmer Beauregard Type in Copenhagen Failure into Google News Search and you get 8,896 results. It seems like everything went against Copenhagen in the last couple of weeks. God showed up big time and answered our prayers for a white Copenhagen. It’s hard to talk about ending Global Warming when your freezing to death. […]

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Copenhagen Summit Has Established A World Government

Copenhagen Summit Has Established A World Government

Steve Watson, “Institutional framework” paves the way for unelected international bureaucracy Amid all the mainstream media reports of the talks in Copenhagen “limping” to a close and having failed, Lord Christopher Monckton, reporting from the summit, has stated that the only goal of the conference was to implement the framework and the funding for […]

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Final Copenhagen Text Includes Global Transaction Tax

Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Obama set to bypass Congress and approve massive transfer of wealth to world government The final Copenhagen draft agreement which was hammered out in the early hours of Friday morning includes provisions for a global tax on financial transactions that will be paid directly to the World Bank, as President […]

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How to Manufacture a Climate Consensus

By Patrick J. Michaels, Wall Street Journal The East Anglia emails are just the tip of the iceberg. I should know. Few people understand the real significance of Climategate, the now-famous hacking of emails from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU). Most see the contents as demonstrating some arbitrary manipulating of various […]

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Met Office ‘manipulated climate change figures’ says Russian think tank linked to President Putin

By Will Stewart, Daily Mail People clean the snow from a globe in Copenhagen before the start of today’s round of negotiations An explosive new claim that the Meteorological Office in Britain ‘manipulated’ climate change figures has come from a leading Russian think-tank founded by a former adviser to Vladimir Putin. As the Copenhagen summit […]

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God Is My Protester

By Elmer Beauregard Braving freezing cold out, several thousand protesters were marching towards the climate conference venue, Bella Centre, in Copenhagen on the eve of the final session of the summit, reports Pinaki Roy from Copenhagen. I saw this story of how all the protesters are freezing to death in Copenhagen, and wondered who are […]

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Journalists Freeze Waiting To Get Into Global Warming Conference.jpg

Journalists Freeze Waiting To Get Into Global Warming Conference

By Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters A group of journalists stood for many hours in near-freezing temperatures Monday waiting to get into the United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen. Marvelously among them was Associated Press science writer Seth Borenstein who regularly reports on the dire consequences of — wait for it! — global warming. Ironically, his […]

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Copenhagen climate summit: Al Gore condemned over Arctic ice melting prediction

By Murray Wardrop, Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, has become embroiled in a climate change spin row after claiming that the Arctic could be completely ice-free within five years. Speaking at the Copenhagen climate change summit, Mr Gore said new computer modelling suggests there is a 75 per cent chance of the entire […]

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