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Does Glenn Beck really believe in global warming?

By Chelsea Schilling, WorldNetDaily Blogosphere on fire: ‘Is this satire? I really want to know!’ “Is this satire? I really want to know!” That’s just one of many questions bloggers and Glenn Beck fans are asking about a Feb. 21 interview story in a leading national Sunday-newspaper magazine that claims the newest superstar among conservatives […]

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Leaked UN Documents Reveal Plan For “Green World Order” By 2012

Paul Joseph Watson, Massive $45 trillion transfer of wealth to fund creation of “global governance structure” Leaked policy documents reveal that the United Nations plans to create a “green world order” by 2012 which will be enforced by a structure of global governance and funded by a gargantuan $45 trillion transfer of wealth from […]

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Reid Bullish on Climate Bill

By Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones Does John Kerry have good reason to be so optimistic about a climate bill? The Washington Post reports that he’s getting strong signals that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants a bill ASAP, indicating that senators might be closer to a deal on climate and energy than many people around […]

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UKIP would ban Al Gore film in schools

By Louise Gray, Environment, Telegraph, UK Al Gore’s global warming film would be banned in schools under plans by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) to court the climate skeptic vote. The party, that has traditionally campaigned on the anti-European Union vote, launched a manifesto for the environment. Following a number of scandals around the science […]

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‘Climategate’ Rally On Penn State Campus News STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Nearly 100 students, local leaders and residents gathered for a rally surrounding the “Climategate Controversy” on Penn State’s University Park Campus Friday. Two different groups rallied outside the Hetzel Union Building at noon; one group calling for an external investigation into Dr. Michael Mann’s leaked emails, the other supporting […]

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Senator Calls For “Criminal” Global Warming Investigation

Steve Watson, Inhofe demands Al Gore be called back to the Senate to testify Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe has called for a full investigation into the climategate affair, calling the actions of the scientists involved “criminal” and part of “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation”. Inhofe has asked the Department of Justice to […]

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Is Glenn Beck a Greeny Weeny?

I like pointing out when supposed Conservative Republicans believe in Global Warming. I thought Glenn Beck was a Global Warming skeptic, but in his interview with USA Today he sounds more like a Greeny Weeny. “You’d be an idiot not to notice the temperature change,” he says. He also says there’s a legit case that […]

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‘Global Warming Meltdown’ John Coleman’s Newest Special

by Elmer Beauregard John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel and KUSI meteorologist, has just released another documentary called “Global Warming – Meltdown”  It follows his first huge success “Global Warming – The Other Side“. His newest documentary builds on the first one and updates us on the fallout from his first one, and how […]

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We’re A Hit In Vermont!

by Elmer Beauregard Paul Beaudry is a host of 2 radio shows that expose global warming as a hoax, the Comment Show and True North radiowhich air in Vermont and surrounding areas. Lately he’s been playing a lot of our music and it seems to be pretty well received. Like Minnesota, Vermont is having a […]

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Rep. Emmer Introduces Bill to End Cap and Trade Law

Friday, February 12, 2010 Rep. Tom Emmer’s House office issued the following Press Release: Rep. Tom Emmer has introduced legislation to remove Minnesota from the cap and trade scheme the state entered into with passage of the 2007 Next Generation Energy bill. In order to comply with the new law, Minnesota joined the Midwest Renewable […]

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Global Warming Skeptics Lambaste Plan to Increase Funding for Climate Change Research

By Gene J. Koprowski, Global warming skeptics are agog that President Obama is seeking to dramatically increase federal funding for global warming research in the wake of the Climate-gate scandals that have emerged during the last three months. The federal budget for 2011 proposes $2.6 billion for the Global Change Research Program, a 21 […]

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Frozen Wasteland

I saw “The Who” perform Baba O’Reily (AKA Teenage Wasteland) for the halftime show at the Superbowl and was inspired to do this parody in honor of the horrible winter we’re having. It’s called “Frozen Wasteland” and in it I try to recreate the synthesizer part on the banjo. The Viking hat is in honor […]

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Audi, Debut’s Environmental NAZI’s (Green Police) add during Superbowl in jest? hmmm

This add debut’s environmentalism “green nazis” in practice during Audi’s superbowl as joke, but perhaps they are making fun of the “Green Jobs” Obama promised? Surprisingly these subversively witty adds, are poking fun at real laws that most entertainment obsessed folks aren’t aware of. Some have already referred to this as ‘war on the American […]

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CBS News Starting To Get It Right

Saw this on CBS News last night and I thought it was a pretty fair report. Of course I may be biased because they used our youTube video. But you have to give credit where credit is due. Everyone should go here and leave a favorable comment. Watch CBS News Videos Online

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Windmills Don’t Work Because of the Cold

By Elmer Beauregard These devices were brought here to curb “Global Warming” but they don’t work because its TOO COLD!! Jim Gehrz, Star Tribune The Startribune has a good article today about the windmills that aren’t working because of the cold weather but they put a very positive spin on the whole thing. The article […]

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UN climate change chief won’t apologise for glacier claim

By Andrew Hough, The chairman of the United Nations’ climate science panel has issued a robust defence of his organisation and refused to apologise for a mistaken claim that the Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035.  Rajendra Pachauri admitted the UN climate change panel had been damaged over its mistakes.Photo: GEORGES GOBET/GETTY Dr Rajendra […]

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Phil Jones Apologizes, Assures Of Being More Clear

TopNews.UK The scientist at the Centre of the Climate Change Row, Professor Phil Jones, of the University of East Anglia faces allegations that he manipulated and suppressed data regarding global temperature changes. He has been pointed the finger at, for obstructing requests for data under the Freedom of Information Act by Douglas Keenan. Professor Jones […]

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