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June 2011

Tim Pawlenty Says Climate Change Not Man-Made

“So there is climate change, but the reality is the science of it indicates that most of it, if not all of it, is caused by natural causes,” Pawlenty told FOX News. “And as to the potential human contribution to that, there’s a great scientific dispute about that very issue.”

Cleaner air may make global warming worse

An Irish scientist at NUI Galway originally initiated the research into how air pollution has a hidden beneficial side. It shows the haze that forms due to pollution, the tiny particles discharged by motor transport, and smoke from burning help to reflect back some of the solar radiation that is warming our climate.

How About Warning Labels On Light Bulbs?

In the case of incandescent light bulbs, they didn’t put grotesque images on the packaging they just made them outright illegal. Soon people will be selling incandescent light bulbs from the back of pickup truck. The stupid thing is, the light bulbs they’re forcing us to buy are worse for us and the environment than the old ones. I think they should put a warming label on the CFL bulbs showing how bad Mercury poising is and how about a picture of a decapitated Bald Eagle on wind turbines.

ATI Law Center Asks Court to Force NASA to Produce Ethics and Outside Employment Records of Dr. James Hansen

TI seeks to learn whether NASA approved Hansen’s outside employment, which public financial disclosures and other documents reveal to have brought him at least $1.2 million in the past four years. This money comes in addition to – and, more troubling from an ethics and legal perspective, is all related to – his taxpayer-funded employment. Dr. Hansen’s outside employment commenced when he increased his “global warming” activism from his perch at NASA.

Mark Dayton’s “Working Together” Speech

In Mark Dayton’s Inaugural Speech he mentions “Working Together” 13 times. He even said that if the legislature can put a balanced budget on his desk without raising taxes he would sign it. And that is just what the Legislature did, and they even increased spending by 5%, but Mark Dayton didn’t sign it like he said he would. Later on in his inaugural speech he said he would insist that Minnesota’s tax burden becomes more “Progressive”. So much for “Working Together”.

Dayton’s Cynical Shutdown

The administration also emphasizes that the courts will ultimately determine which services are “critical.” But the shutdown recommendations offer a telling glimpse of this administration’s priorities and motives.

The Black Hole of Global Warming Spending

In 2011, your federal government will spend $10.6 million a day on climate change. Annual expenditures will be about $4 billion on global warming research–now called climate change-despite the fact that there has been no global warming since 1998, says the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), a British educational think tank.

Moonbattery: Mitt Sings

Willard “Mitt” Romney wants the political/media establishment to understand that he isn’t some wild-eyed conservative but a member of the power structure who won’t rock the boat, much less allow any deviations in its course toward totalitarian oligarchical collectivism. He’s gone so far as to set his recent avowal of faith in the global warming hoax to music: