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September 2011

EPA: Regulations would require 230,000 new employees, $21 billion

The proposed regulations would set greenhouse gas emission thresholds above which businesses must file for an EPA permit and complete extra paperwork in order to continue operating. If the EPA wins its court battle and fully rolls out the greenhouse gas regulations, the number of businesses forced into this regulatory regime would grow tremendously — from approximately 14,000 now to as many as 6.1 million.

Armed Troops Burn Down Homes, Kill Children To Evict Ugandans In Name Of Global Warming

Armed troops acting on behalf of a British carbon trading company backed by the World Bank burned houses to the ground and killed children to evict Ugandans from their homes in the name of seizing land to protect against “global warming,” a shocking illustration of how the climate change con is a barbarian form of neo-colonialism.
Armed Troops Burn Down Homes, Kill Children To Evict Ugandans In Name Of Global Warming uganda 2004956c

Fox News – We Decide

Fox “News” ran this headline today after last night’s Republican Presidential debate in Florida. They mention all the candidates in the debate except for the one that actually won the debate Ron Paul, according to there own poll which they took down.

How The Greens Are Destroying the BWCA

n 1999 a huge wind storm came through the Boundary Waters blowing down millions of trees, including thousands of 100′ tall much coveted White Pine. Logging companies offered to come in and clean it up, they even said they would use helicopters so they wouldn’t disturb the area but they weren’t allowed to. Back then they said if you don’t take out all of those trees it will go up like a tinderbox, but the greens didn’t care they said that is just nature taking its course.

Gore’s Fuzzy Logic

On the other hand scientists who don’t have a vested interest have
overwhelmingly said that global warming isn’t happening. In fact the
number is just the opposite of what Al is saying, 96% of scientists
don’t believe in global warming.

Which word was missing from Obama’s speech last night?

hat’s right; you could look it up. There wasn’t one single mention in a speech about jobs and economic stimulation that addressed the need for the energy necessary to support it. Never mind that part of the problem in the economy comes from a blunted demand that can be directly associated in part with the erosion in buying power created by rapidly-rising fuel costs, or that a significant share of the reluctance to invest in American economic expansion comes from the considerable uncertainty of regulatory assaults on energy production and the impact on future energy costs.

Why Jon Huntsman is Wrong on Global Warming

If I were up on the stage I would have told Jon that he is wrong its not 98% its only 97% of Climate Scientists that still believe in Global Warming. He is just quoting this study that surveyed 1,372 known working climate researchers and found 97% of them still believe in global warming. But this is a misleading study, I think, because its just about Climate Scientists. That’s like asking Acorn members if they’re Democrats.

Good Decision, Bad Reasoning

President Barack Obama on Friday announced that he had ordered EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to stop work on new national ozone standards until 2013. This delays until after the 2012 presidential election one of the most economically-destructive new regulations in the Obama Administration’s large arsenal of new job-killing regulations.

‘Hockey Stick’ Creator Michael Mann Seeks Court’s Help to Ensure No Inquiry, No ‘Exoneration’

Dr. Mann’s argument, distilled, is that the court must bend the rules to allow him to block implementation of a transparency law, so as to shield his sensibilities from offense once the taxpayer – on whose dime he subsists – sees the methods he employed to advance the global warming theory and related policies. ATI’s Environmental Law Center is not sympathetic.

Obama’s green dream hurting U.S. taxpayers

One thing is certain: The president and secretary of energy made repeated trips to Solyndra’s Silicon Valley plant over the last couple of years, using the facility as a backdrop to deliver clean-energy agitprop. The president’s most recent trip was in May 2010, not long after a government audit questioned whether the company could even survive.

Those Evil Tar Sands

It is hard to refute their “Scientific” evidence. But, if we did get a tar sands pipeline from Canada we could eliminate importing oil from the middle east. Then we could stop all of those senseless wars over there. We wouldn’t have to ship it and truck into the U.S. which will save millions of tons of CO2 emissions. Plus it will create a lot of jobs in the U.S.. Sounds like a Win, Win, Win to me.