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Economy Squeezed As Debt Accelerates

Senator Jeff Sessions, ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee has pointed out that our per capita government debt is already larger than Greece’s. Per person, our government owes over $49,000 compared to $38,937 per Greek citizen.

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Rick Santorum: Global warming is politics, not science

Two days ago, Mr. Santorum was quoted as saying that Obama adheres to “some phony theology,” remarks that were interpreted by some as an attack on the president’s faith. Mr. Santorum has since explained that he was referring to Mr. Obama’s views on the environment, which, he said, put more importance on the earth than […]

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The Not-So-Vast Conspiracy

o how flush is Heartland? The documents show the group is expecting revenues of $7.7 million this year, mostly from private donations and grants. Mr. Koch’s “heavy” funding came to $25,000 in 2011, though the Heartland “Fundraising Plan” has it hoping for an increase in 2012. To put those numbers in not-for-profit perspective, last year […]

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Pushing Global Warming in the Classroom

Although both evolution and climate change are accepted by the scientific community, both topics remain controversial among the public. As a result, teachers trying to teach evolution and/or climate change too often face opposition in their communities. Such opposition is based on ideology, not science, although the ideologies differ: religious ideologies in the case of […]

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The Style: The other thing I noticed is the style of the document. The “2012 Climate Strategy” is in a completely different style than the other documents. They both use the Font “Times New Roman” and they are both 12pt but that is where the similarities end. The Headlines on the real documents are 18 […]

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Obama Pushes Global Minimum Tax in Milwaukee

By Daniel Harper, Weekly Standard Earlier this week, White House economic adviser Gene Sperling announced his support for changes in the tax structure. “[W]e need a global minimum tax so that people have the assurance that nobody is escaping doing their fair share as part of a race to the bottom or having our tax […]

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Bill Clinton and CIA Gave Iranians Blueprint for Nuclear Bomb

As the Main Stream Media is beating the drums for war with Iran because of their Nuclear technolgoy, let’s remember who gave them that technology in the first place, Bil Clintonm and the CIA. Jim, Kouri, National Ledger Last night, radio talk show host and former US Justice Department official Mark Levin shocked many listeners […]

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Many Unanswered Questions Surround Fisker Layoffs

So far the $193 million has been allocated mostly for the production of the Karma – therefore it can be deduced that taxpayers have subsidized a six-figure status symbol for the wealthy. The car serves no practical purpose, but instead provides “wow-factor” fodder for discussion at cocktail parties. According to Fisker, the company had 650 […]

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Santorum: I never believed global warming ‘hoax’

Politico Rick Santorum told Colorado Springs supporters Tuesday that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich would be ineffective challengers to President Barack Obama in the general election because of their views on cap and trade. “Let’s go to cap and trade. Governor Romney proudly announced that they were the first state, Massachusetts, to put a cap […]

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