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The Speech Ron Paul Should Have Given at the RNC

When it was discovered that they were heading straight for an iceberg the captain’s first command was to turn hard port. The captain’s instincts were based on his many years of experience commanding smaller ships but the Titanic was too big and moving too fast and it was slow to turn. He then made the […]

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Is Global Warming Causing A Record Breaking Lack Of Tornado Activity?

According the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, only 12 tornadoes touched down in the United States during July 2012, shattering the previous July record low of 42 tornadoes recorded in 1960. Because radar technology in 1960 could not detect many of the smaller tornadoes that are detectable today, scientists believe the actual number of tornadoes […]

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An ‘inconvenient result’ – July 2012 not a record breaker according to data from the new NOAA/NCDC U.S. Climate Reference Network

I decided to do myself something that so far NOAA has refused to do: give a CONUS average temperature for the United States from the new ‘state of the art’ United States Climate Reference Network (USCRN). After spending millions of dollars to put in this new network from 2002 to 2008, they are still giving […]

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