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Minnesota Power to stop burning coal at three generators

By David Shaffer , Star Tribune Minnesota Power said Wednesday that it will stop burning coal at three of its older generators. The electric utility serving the Iron Range and central Minnesota said it plans to convert both coal-fired generators at its Laskin Energy Center in Hoyt Lakes, Minn., to burn natural gas in 2015. […]

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42 Below In Embarrass Minnesota Temperatures as low as 42 below zero have been reported in the Northland so far this morning. Embarrass was the early leader for coldest spot in the region today, at 42 below, with temperatures still falling in some areas before sunrise. Other lows through 6:30 a.m., as reported by the National Weather Service, included: […]

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Global Warming Hearings in Minnesota

We are so screwed. by Cathy Wurzer, Minnesota Public Radio ST. PAUL, Minn. — One of the policy areas that featured prominently in President Obama’s second inaugural address was the impact of climate change. In his remarks Monday, Obama said failure to respond to the threat of climate change would “betray our children and future […]

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Obama Goes After Global Warming With Executive Powers

New York Times WASHINGTON — President Obama made addressing climate change the most prominent policy vow of his second Inaugural Address, setting in motion what Democrats say will be a deliberately paced but aggressive campaign built around the use of his executive powers to sidestep Congressional opposition. “We will respond to the threat of climate […]

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NY Times Environmental Desk Goes the Way of Global Warming

By Alan Caruba, “What’s in worse shape””, asked the Heartland Institute’s Director of Communications, Jim Lakely, in a January 11th blog post. “The state of the Earth’s climate? Or the state of the New York Times? Global temperatures are not rising all that quickly, so the Earth is doing fine. Meanwhile, the Old Gray […]

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Californians braces for freezing temps, snow

Sunny San Diego beaches may be covered in frost Sunday morning as unusually cold weather plagues California. SAN DIEGO (AP) — Californians are bundling up with sweaters and gloves and stocking up on firewood as they endure the latest winter storm that has brought very unseasonable freezing temperatures. The National Weather Service said records could […]

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Finally after all these years Minnesotans For Global Warming is moving it’s blog from Moveable Type to WordPress. I messed around with Joomla for a while but it seems like WordPress is the way to go. I was having problems with my site for quite a while so I decided to bite the bullet and […]

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Fiscal Cliff Deal Saves Big Wind for Another Year

Specifically, while nothing new came through for often-bashed electric automobiles, tax credits (all continuations of credits that were set to expire) were extended to plug-in motorcycles. Buyers are allowed to deduct from their tax bills 10 percent of the cost of the two- (or three-)wheelers, or $2,500, whichever is less. This parallels the $7,500 federal […]

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