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Climate Depot Debunks President’s Global Warming Claims

By Marc Morano – Climate Depot Obama fails climate science in his State of the Union address — Climate Depot’s point-by-point rebuttal to the President’s global warming claims The President offered up nothing more than the usual incorrect global warming platitudes during his speech. No wonder the speech brought a “smile” to Al Gore’s face. […]

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Obama Proposes Cap and Trade

By Daniel Harper, Weekly Standard In his State of the Union Address this evening, President Barack Obama will encourage Congress to adapt a cap and trade plan to deal with climate change. Energy, climate, and taxes are a sizable portion of Obama’s speech. ObamaRobe “For the sake of our children and our future, we must […]

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Obama Interior pick: Global warming hurt profits

By Paul Bedard, WashingtonExaminer REI, the popular outfitter run by President Obama’s choice to head the Interior Department, cited the impact of global warming as a reason for poor profits in its most recent annual report. “We experienced strong sales in 2011. However, because winter weather failed to arrive, our profitability was impacted,” said Brian […]

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How to stop global warming – work less:

By Sara Malm, Mail Online Liberal think tank claims American workers should be more European The U.S. should adapt to a European model in the workplace in order to halt global warming, a study says. By working less hours per week and take longer vacations the American people could reduce carbon emissions, liberal think tank […]

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Are Greenouts The Next Blackouts?

By Michael Mullins. Superdome Blackout: ‘Green’ Bragging Backfires on Obama Team Before Sunday night’s 33-minute power outage at the Super Bowl, the U.S. Department of Energy had touted the football extravaganza as the “greenest Super Bowl” where “eco-friendly fans” compete to “maximize sustainability.” It was the latest green “success” of the Obama administration, which […]

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Wind Power Fraud

“Wind power facilities will consume more than 3 times the energy they will ever produce.” “Everyone believes alternative energies are the answer to all our power problems, with wind power leading the way,” says professional engineer Charles S. Opalek. “The truth is: Wind power is unsustainable and a total waste of resources.” “Wind turbines have […]

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IPCC AR5 draft figure 1-4 with animated central Global Warming predictions from FAR (1990), SAR (1996), TAR (2001), and AR5 (2007).

Leaked IPCC Climate Report Shows UN Overestimated Global Warming

Written by  Brian Koenig, the New American Not scheduled for publication until next year, a leaked report by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presents evidence that fear-mongering over the magnitude of global warming may be a little too ambitious. The preliminary report, which is available for download online, was leaked this […]

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