Breaking News Part Deux: Minne Loa IS Lower than Mauna Loa

By Elmer Beauregard
Yesterday I blogged on how the atmoshperic CO2 levels in Minnesota are higher than Mouna Loa Hawaii, but I should have waited a day.
I started measuring yesterday morning and the CO2 was about 430 ppm but it kept dropping as the day progressed. The good people at CO2 warned me this would happen but I had no idea it would be this dramatic. The CO2 levels yesterday went from 430 ppm at 8 AM in the morning to 381 at 5:30 PM the height of the Photosynthesis Effect. That is an 11% shift in one day.
Currently Mauna Loa is at 392 PPM so Minne Loa is 11 PPM lower than Mauna Loa.
I have no idea what this means but it was an interesting exercise.
Here is the chart from 12PM to 7Pm from yesterday.