Elmer’s Theory About The Mayan Calendar and Everything!

By Elmer Beauregard
With 12/21/2021 rapidly approaching I thought this would be a good time to share some of my thoughts about the Mayan Calendar. I have been thinking about this stuff for for a long time and hope to write a book about it someday.
There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the Mayan culture chief among them is what happened to them. It’s a civilization on par with the Ancient Egyptians and it collapsed suddenly and nobody seems to know why. Well I have a theory what may have happened to them and the secret may lie in the Mayan calendar itself.
When an ancient city is discovered archeologists sometimes go the Bible to see what city it might be. The Bible has used been used when they discovered Ancient Jericho and Sodom and Gomorrah and many other Ancient cities, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the Mayan civilization anywhere in the Bible.
It was a civilization as old if not older than the ancient Egyptians and more advanced and much larger than Egypt. The Mayans have cities all over Central and South America and more are being discovered every year. So why does the Bible ignore half the planet an only talk about the history of the eastern hemisphere? I think the Bible actually does talk about the ancient Mayans but we have just not looked at it the right way, here is my theory.
Elmer’s Theory about the Mayan Calendar and Everything!
It is my theory that the Ancient Mayan Culture is the Civilization that was destroyed by Noah’s flood.
I think this is so for 3 major reasons.
1. In the Mayan Calendar the months were 20 days and there were 18 months in a year so the years were only 360 days. I think this indicates a 20 day lunar cycle where the moon revolves around the earth every 20 days instead of the 28 days it takes now. I think this is evidence of an apocalyptic astronomical event that changed the face of the earth and wiped out the Mayan civilization.
2. Mayan ruins when first discovered are buried in many feet of dirt like they were buried in a flood.
3. There are great similarities in art and architecture between the Mayans the Egyptians and the Ancient Balinese, who flourished on the tiny island of Bali in Southeast Asia.

Here’s what happened.
Before the flood the earth was a completely different place there was a lot less water there was more land than water. There were no oceans just large seas probably all fresh water. The land was all connected you could walk around the globe. And there were great civilizations all over the world. the earth was perpendicular with the sun like the other planets. There were no seasons (which the Mayan Calendar does not speak of).
The moon revolved around the earth every 20 days and the years were 360 days like, which is probably why there are 360ยบ in a circle. Then about 4,400 years ago a giant ice comet came though our solar system like a giant cue ball and struck the earth.
The moon passed through its tail and absorbed some of meteors which explains why the dark side of the moon is covered with craters and why there was once water on the moon. The earth took the brunt of the impact however and it changed the earth forever.
The earth took the brunt of the impact and many things happened to it.
1. It tilted the earth on its axis.
2. It Instantly created the north and south poles and froze woolly Mammoths in their tracks and was known as the ice age. We have been thawing out ever since.
3. The earth went from a 360 day orbit around the sun to a 365 day orbit. The earth was either kicked out to a bigger orbit or sped up it’s daily rotation rotation slightly or both.
4. It caused a worldwide flood.
The entire earth was covered with water for about 150 days and then the theory goes the tectonic plates shifted quickly and created giant mountain ranges in a short amount of time and causing great canyons in the middle of the ocean and as the water ran off it carved great canyons. This explains why there are snails and other fossils found at the bottom of the ocean everywhere on the planet even on top of Mount Everest.
The ark was probably built somewhere in the Yucatan peninsula, when the flood it came it was carried by the golf stream (which still flows today) for 7 months till it came to rest in mountains of Ararat where it still rests today.
Noah and his descendants from then on would point west across the “Atlantic” ocean and say there is a great civilization on the bottom of that ocean called “Atlantis”.

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