Arrested for verbally refusing installation of a smart meter on her own property

Anyone who faces the tyranny of smart meters coming to your neighborhood I recommend you read this report- Al
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January 23, Naperville, Illinois resident Jennifer Stahl was arrested for verbally refusing installation of a smart meter on her own property. Jennifer has been studying the issue for quite some time, and decided that a smart meter could be detrimental to her health, security, and privacy.

The city of Naperville, Illinois, which owns the electrical utility, claims otherwise. They insist the smart meters are safe, and have bullied homeowners into accepting them. The smart meters are so important to the city that they won’t permit anyone to refuse installation – and if they do, they are arrested. It seems that property rights and trespassing laws don’t apply in Naperville.

Tune in to Off the Grid radio to hear Jennifer’s story in her own words.

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