Is Global Warming Killing the Moose in Minnesota? I don’t think so.

by Elmer Beauregard

The DNR of Minnesota came out with a new report that the Moose population in the state is dropping dramatically.

Based on the aerial survey conducted in January, the new population estimate is 2,760 animals, down from 4,230 in 2012. The population estimate was as high as 8,840 as recently as 2006.

They are not sure what is causing this and they are cancelling the moose season this year because of it. One of the things they are looking into of course is climate change.

I checked out where the moose are in Minnesota, then I got the temperature data from 3 different weather stations close to where the moose actually live, Ely, Seagull and Isabella.

SightingsStationsThe furthest back the common data went to was Jan.1, 2004. I put all three charts on top of each other and offset them slightly so you can see the different ones.

MooseTempChartAs you can see there doesn’t seem to be any significant warming during the years that the moose population crashed. In order for a global problem to effect a local population you would still need to see that problem show up locally for it to be a problem.

Using logic you would think there need to be warming in order to blame warming?

  • M4GW

    Maybe they all went to Canada because of Obamacare.

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