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It seems like everytime there is an extreme weather event somewhere the usual suspects come out crying “Global Warming” whether there was any proof of it or not. So this is what popped into my brain.

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Is A Super Congress Even Constitutional?

I think the whole idea of a Super Congress is a way to eliminate the Tea Party, I’ll bet you anything Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann aren’t invited. I Had a little extra time on my hands so I made this little poster, if you click on it you can see a bigger version.

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Global Warming Fear Mongering Ads Confuse Children

One shows flooding the other a drought, kids aren’t sure what they are supposed to be afraid of! As usual the global warming fear mongers display both sides of the spectrum to cover their butts, so no matter what happens they can say Global Warming caused it. Climate Change ExaminerTony Hake Scare tactic newspaper advertisements […]

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Obama On Mount Rushmore?

by Elmer Beauregard Yesterday, Greenpeace defaced Mount Rushmore with a giant banner that had a picture of Obama and the words “Stop Global Warming”, they said if Barack Obama wanted his face on Mount Rushmore he better do just that. I say let’s put his mug on there because he already has stopped Global Warming. […]

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