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How Obama’s New CO2 Rules Will Impact Global CO2 Levels & Temperature

By Elmer Beauregard On Monday Obama came out with his new CO2 regulations increasing the amount of cuts from 30% to 32% of 2005 levels by 2030. James Hansen has come out saying these new cuts will have no effect on global CO2 levels or global temperature and for once I actually agree with him. […]

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Minnesota Needs To Start Planning for ‘Global Warming’

By Elmer Beauregard Yesterday FEMA announced that starting next year it won’t provide disaster relief to states that don’t incorporate “Global Warming” into their emergency preparedness plans. We don’t want to miss out any Federal funding so I figured I would make some suggestions on how Minnesota can plan for global warming.   1. Turn […]

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Sessions Dismantles EPA Chief For ‘Stunning’ Ignorance

By Cheryl Chumley, WorldNetDaily McCarthy unable to cite evidence of climate change Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., went head-to-head with Environmental Protection Agency’s Gina McCarthy during a recent congressional hearing on climate change, ultimately telling the federal bureaucrat: It’s unbelievable you can’t guarantee if models have been accurate. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing […]

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5 Ways The ‘Billionaires’ Club’ Runs The EPA

by Ben Shapiro, According to a new report from the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, a “club of billionaires” including Tom Steyer and Hank Paulson has effectively hijacked the Environmental Protection Agency for its own purposes – to grow the EPA and regulate the economy from stem to stern. Here […]

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Forty-One Senators Push For Repeal Of Obama’s Cap-And-Trade Rule

Michael Bastasch, The Senate Republicans have written the White House, urging President Obama to repeal his recently announced power plant rule that cajoles states into imposing cap-and-trade schemes on carbon dioxide emissions. Republicans say that Obama’s rule is “all pain, no gain” and would result in higher energy prices and huge job losses as […]

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McConnell vows to fight Obama’s ‘war on coal’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said President Obama’s proposed power plant emissions regulation is an attempt to make “privileged elitists” feel like something is being done to fight climate change. “The point of this whole exercise is sadly obvious: it’s not really about science or global warming at all. It’s about making privileged […]

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Obama EPA Issues Coal-Killing Rules To Cut Carbon Emissions 30 Percent

By Christopher Helman, Today the Environmental Protection Agency released a long-anticipated rule proposal that seeks by 2030 to reduce America’s carbon dioxide emissions 30% from 2005 levels. (The full proposal can be found here.) The primary mechanism for the reduction will be tough emissions limits on coal-fired power plants. The effect of the rule […]

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Report: EPA’s global warming agenda will cost the economy $2.23 trillion

By Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller The Environmental Protection Agency’s climate rules aimed at phasing out coal-fired power in favor of low-carbon fuels will come at a high cost, according to a newly released report. Over the next two decades, the EPA’s rules to fight global warming will cost the economy $2.23 trillion, raise energy prices […]

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Barack Obama

Obama to Launch Major Global Warming Effort

by Keith Koffler, Well, there goes Recovery Summer. Just when the economy was starting to show signs of life, President Obama is set to launch a big new effort to curb global warming, according to the New York Times. And guess what? It doesn’t involve Congress! In his Berlin speech today, Obama warned of Biblical […]

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Lisa Jackson leaving EPA and path of economic destruction

by Steve Goreham, Washington Times CHICAGO, January 2, 2013— Lisa Jackson, President Obama’s chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, resigned last week. For four years she led our nation down a regulatory path of economic destruction unmatched in the 40-year history of the EPA. New regulations from Jackson’s reign of terror affect power plants, industrial […]

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The EPA Wrecking Ball

Since the 1980s the Greens have been telling everyone that carbon dioxide was causing global warming–now called climate change–and warning that CO2 emissions were going to kill everyone in the world if they weren’t dramatically reduced. The ball was put in motion with the United Nations 1997 Kyoto Protocols when many nations agreed to this […]

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The United States of EPA

The EPA heaved its weight against another industry this month, issuing a regulation to sharply increase fuel economy. Under this new rule, America’s fleet of passenger cars and light trucks will have to meet an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, a doubling of today’s average of about 27 mpg. By the EPA’s […]

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