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Global Cooling


USA Today Hides The Decline

By Elmer Beauregard I seem to be the only one harping on this and maybe it’s not a big deal but why is USA Today ignoring how cold it is? USA today and not so “Accuweather” seem to be hiding the fact that we are having record cold in the …


Set the Canadian Geese Free

ROCHESTER MN: A record breaking 14″ of snow from a rare May snowstorm in Rochester Minnesota wasn’t enough to make this Canadian Goose leave the nest. “This photo was taken today by Greg Munson, Quarry Hill Nature Center naturalist in Rochester. The mother goose has been sitting on her 9 …


So cold in Minnesota NOAA runs out of colors

By Elmer Beauregard It is the second day of spring and most of Minnesota was below zero this morning but you wouldn’t know it from NOAA’s real-time temperature map. This was from 9:12 this morning when it was -14º F below zero in Bemidji Minnesota, according to this color chart …

China Accidentally Geoengineers The Planet

In America coal powered plants scrub out the sulfur and pay huge fines for any sulfur emissions. What the geoengineers hope to do is then take the scrubbed out sulfur from the power plants, put it on planes and spray into the atmosphere to offset the global warming that the coal plants are causing…
…It seems like China has a more efficient system.

Is there such a thing as a “Climate Event”?

The term “Event” can only be attributed to “Weather” because it occurs over a short period of time. A tornado lasts for just a few minutes, so a Tornado can’t be a “Climate Event” it is a “Weather Event”.
When you have a “Weather Event” you have to look at the conditions at the time to see what caused it. This has been an unusually cool spring, if you are going to blame global warming shouldn’t it have been unusually warm?

Snow kicks off Earth Week

Local Detroit communities scrambled to send out salt trucks while warning that carbon-spewing trucks are destroying the planet, and local schools prepared to scare the kiddies with the movie Carbon Nation — assuming schools didn’t have a snow day.