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How Obama’s New CO2 Rules Will Impact Global CO2 Levels & Temperature

By Elmer Beauregard On Monday Obama came out with his new CO2 regulations increasing the amount of cuts from 30% to 32% of 2005 levels by 2030. James Hansen has come out saying these new cuts will have no effect on global CO2 levels or global temperature and for once I actually agree with him. […]

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Minnesota Needs To Start Planning for ‘Global Warming’

By Elmer Beauregard Yesterday FEMA announced that starting next year it won’t provide disaster relief to states that don’t incorporate “Global Warming” into their emergency preparedness plans. We don’t want to miss out any Federal funding so I figured I would make some suggestions on how Minnesota can plan for global warming.   1. Turn […]

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Deserts ‘greening’ from rising CO2

from From CSIRO and “increased CO2 has benefits” department: Increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) have helped boost green foliage across the world’s arid regions over the past 30 years through a process called CO2 fertilisation, according to CSIRO research. In findings based on satellite observations, CSIRO, in collaboration with the Australian National University […]

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US lawmaker blames bicycle breath for global warming gas

‘Increased heart rate and respiration’ pollutes Washington’ By Rik Myslewski, The Register A Washington state representative has uncovered a previously under-reported source of greenhouse gas: huffing and puffing cyclists. Ed Orcutt, who lists “Tax relief” at the top of his legislative priorities and who was 2000’s Washington Young Republican Federation Man of the Year, emailed […]

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Plant trees, not carbon laws

Wattsupwiththat U-M ecologist: Future forests may soak up more carbon dioxide than previously believed An aerial view of the 38-acre experimental forest in Wisconsin where U-M researchers and their colleagues continuously exposed birch, aspen and maple trees to elevated levels of carbon dioxide and ozone gas from 1997 through 2008. Credit: David Karnosky, Michigan Technological […]

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Earth Day Smurf Day

Originally it was about stopping pollution and conservation which I am all for. Then for the last decade or so it was all about ‘Global Warming” now if you go to they are hiding the global warming stuff. They do have a footprint calculator but its not a “Carbon” footprint calculator. I took the […]

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Where’s The Dioxide?

Deep Thoughts By Elmer Beauregard It sounds like the Cap and Trade bill is in trouble once again, which I am glad about, so “Carbon” taxes and “Carbon” offsets are in the news again. The problem is they don’t want to tax “Carbon” they want to tax “Carbon Dioxide”! My question is: Isn’t calling Carbon […]

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