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Why BEST Will Not Settle the Climate Debate

By Fred Singer, AmericanThinker Global warming has re-entered public consciousness in recent days, partly because of the buzz surrounding the release of warming results from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project. The reaction of the “warmistas” has been jubilant, yet hilariously wrong. Will they ever learn? They’ve latched on …

Temperature Data Without The Yada Yada

One problem with the calculation of long term averages from such data is the occurrence of discontinuities; most station records contain one or more gaps of one or more months. Such gaps could be due to anything from the clerk in charge being a quarter drunkard to instrument failure and replacement or relocation. At least in some examples, such discontinuities have given rise to “adjustments” that introduced spurious trends into the time series where none existed before.

The Carbon-Cycle-Cycle

I remember learning about photosynthesis and the carbon cycle in 8th grade science and I thought it was the coolest thing. To me it showed that our planet was designed with very intricate and symbiotic systems that could produce and sustain life, surely these systems couldn’t have happened by accident. But why after all this time does science seem to be questioning the integrity of these systems?

Cleaner air may make global warming worse

An Irish scientist at NUI Galway originally initiated the research into how air pollution has a hidden beneficial side. It shows the haze that forms due to pollution, the tiny particles discharged by motor transport, and smoke from burning help to reflect back some of the solar radiation that is warming our climate.

The Father of Weaponized weather: the interview

[]( eteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960’s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and …

“Scientists” Pull a Snow Job on Reporters in Teleconference

By Joseph D’Aleo, IceCap As we reported, the eco-pressure group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, as part of a continuing misinformation campaign sponsored a teleconference yesterday with a very confused Jeff Masters of Weather Underground, opportunist Mark Serreze of NSIDC and a UCS environmentalist. Their performance was a scientific disappointment …

John Holdren’s IPCC Myths

The IPCC’s conclusions are not based solely on painstaking studies. Nor is the IPCC’s source material all published in peer-reviewed journals. In fact, 30% of the references in the IPCC’s 2007 report (5,587 out of 18,531) are to grey literature – including press releases, magazine articles, and advocacy material produced by groups such as Greenpeace. Furthermore, the genuinely peer-reviewed material cited by the IPCC amounts to several thousand studies. Simple arithmetic indicates that only a fraction could possibly have appeared in the world’s leading journals.

New Report: Why NOAA and NASA Proclamations Should Be Ignored

The pressure has been mounting. The public doubt about global warming has been increasing in recent years given Climategate, and how promises of warm snowless winters failed. After cold and snowy winters in 2007/08 and 2008/09, the winter of 2009/10 was the coldest ever in parts of the southeast, and in parts of Siberia and the coldest since 1977/78 or 1962/63 in many parts of the United States, Europe and Asia. This past December was the second coldest in the entire Central England Temperature record extending back to 1659. It was the coldest ever December in diverse locations like Ireland, Sweden, and Florida. Reluctantly, alarmists changed their tune and the promise of warm and snowless winters as recent as 4 years ago morphed into global warming means cold and snowy winters.

What In the World Are They Spraying ? The Movie

Now that we’re winning the war on the Global Warming hoax, maybe its time to set our sights on a new target “Chemtrails”. Here is an excellent documentary about Chemtrails called “What In the World Are They Spraying”. It’s called “Geoengineering” and its being done under the guise of cooling …

SPECIAL REPORT: More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims – Challenge UN IPCC & Gore

Marc Morano, Climate Depot Climate Depot Exclusive: 321-page ‘Consensus Buster’ Report set to further chill UN Climate Summit in Cancun Link to Complete 321-Page PDF Special Report More than 1000 dissenting scientists (updates previous 700 scientist report) from around the globe have now challenged man-made global warming claims made by …

Peer Reviewed Study: Global Warming Saves Lives In a new peer reviewed study at they found that warming of the coldest part of the year would actually save lives. …there would have been 1.6 additional deaths per million people per year due to warming in the hottest part of the year over the period 1976-2005, …

Bill Nye, The “Global Warming” Guy

Guest post by Jeff Wiita I have a 13-year-old daughter who is in the public school system. About a month ago, she came home and told me that the teacher showed a man-made global warming video. I asked her if it was Al Gore’s movie and she said, “No, it …

Now Aliens Are Getting Into The Act

By Elmer Beauregard If you’re like me its hard to believe people like Al Gore when it comes to Global Warming, but would you believe aliens from outer space? A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial …