Climate Change Pajama Party Was Just a Distraction From Obamacare


by Ben Shapiro,

2014 Strategy: Obama’s Top 5 Distractions

With Democratic 2014 Senate and House hopes receding faster than the rise of the tides under President Obama, the Obama administration and Democratic Party have decided to resort to their favorite page in the political playbook: distraction and misdirection.

Psychologists posit that the brain can only handle so many narratives at one point; if we are distracted by problems at home, for example, we tend to perform less well at work. The same holds true in politics: if our brains are occupied with worries about the war on women, for example, we’re less likely to be thinking about the horrors of Obamacare. Our bandwidth is filled with lower but sexier priorities.

That’s the strategy pursued by the Obama administration, which is busily mirroring the campaign strategy of 2012, in which President Obama and his minions successfully directed attention away from his own incompetence and toward binders full of women, a dog strapped to the top of a car decades ago, and contraception.

So, what are the top areas for misdirection from the Obama administration? Here are the top five…

… Climate Change. On Monday night, Democrats took to the floor of the Senate, talking for 15 straight hours about climate change. Leading voices in that effort included Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA), who quoted Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax:

“’But now,’ says the Once-ler,

‘Now that you’re here

The word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear:

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better.

It’s not.’”

The purpose of the all-nighter was to create the perception of conservatives as Bible-thumping cretins. That’s also why President Obama felt the necessity to introduce Fox’s Cosmos series, where he lauded the merits of science – a fine message on its own, but certainly a politically-calculated one during election season.

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