New film puts Al Gore’s ‘climate reality’ nonsense about climate and carbon tax into perspective

Very excited to see this movie, I though a better title would have been “A Convenient Lie” however.

by Anthony Watts, wattsupwiththat.comvalentine_dvd

I received a copy of this film by mail, An Inconsistent Truth and despite my misgivings about the name of the production company “Extry Good” and it’s talk-radio pedigree, I’ll have to say its better than many other efforts I’ve seen. It has a number of themes familiar to WUWT readers, such as the Climategate issue, the hypocrisy of Gore, and Mann’s hockey stick nonsense, but misses the mark on the “hide the decline” issue when it talks about scientists hiding declining global temperatures, versus the real issue of hiding the declining tree ring proxy record.

Still, compared to some of the blunders Al Gore has made, such as the Earth’s core temperature is “millions of degrees” or the outright lie where he faked a CO2 experiment in post production and refuses to correct it two years later, I’ll give them a pass on this confusing global temps versus the proxy record. After all, Mann himself thinks his hockey stick made from a few tree ring records represents the globe. Some people familiar to WUWT readers such as Dr. John Christy, Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. Fred Singer, and Steve Milloy (among others) have interviews in it.

Watch the trailer:

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