USA Today Hides The Decline


By Elmer Beauregard

I seem to be the only one harping on this and maybe it’s not a big deal but why is USA Today ignoring how cold it is?

USA today and not so “Accuweather” seem to be hiding the fact that we are having record cold in the USA. This map tells you that a lot of the US will be below zero tonight but they seem to be hiding how far below zero it is going to get.

There are three warm colors not being used on this temp map and there are two levels of coldness not being shown, there should be a -10s and a minus -20s color.

They try to compensate by putting the temps in the map itself but why even have colors then? They should just put the temps on the map. This is the computer age and it isn’t the 90’s anymore. You’d think they could hire somebody to write some code that would add more colors when needed.


Take the Weather Channel’s map for instance, they’ve got colors going all the way down to -70F and they don’t need to put the temps on the map because you can just tell by the colors.

  • Elmer

    Maybe all of USA Today readers live in Florida.

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