By ElmerBeauregard

Well, it's been 10 years that Minnesotans for Global Warming has been on the web. And this is the directors cut of first video I ever posted. YouTube was still in its infancy and there wasn't a lot happening on it yet.

I shot this with a camera that was pretty new at the time, it still used tape and you can hear the camera in the background pretty poor quality really. I should also say that the guy in the video is not me his name Bryan Royle and is an accomplished musician with a has a new CD out you can purchase here. And he isn't a Global Warming Denier I just told him what to say. I am the one behind the camera snickering and telling him what to say. This video wasn't thought out very well I just turned and the camera and Bryan did all the rest. I asked him to do his best Minnesota accent and somehow it sounds like he's from Missouri but he still did a great job.